I am seeking donations to cover the costs of creating Neuroatypical Friendly universal design standards and to create the necessary organisations to fund this and enforce these and related laws which we need to pass.

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95% of the population prefers something other than black type on a white background, so in that sense most people are neuroatypical and are, whether they realise it or not, disabled by society in terms of the social model of disability.

By neuroatypical we mean the various types of sensory processing disorder (visual stress, central auditory processing disorder, etc). There is huge overlap with dyslexia, dyspraxia, adhd, dyscalculia, tourette’s, autism including asperger’s syndrome, personality disorder, hearing voices (including schizophrenia), anxiety, neurodegenerative conditions (MS, etc), cerebral palsy, brain injury, etc. But they are not the same thing.

We need to create Publicly Available Specifications (PAS) to cover this area, which cost £30-100,000 each according to the British Standards Institution (BSI).

To rival the turnover of established organisations in this area, for non-neuroatypical impairments such as blindness and partial-sightedness we would need a turnover of £100 million a year just to match the RNIB in the UK.

Worldwide you can multiply this by 50. At least. So our target is £5 billion or £5,000,000,000.

But every little helps!

For some good practice see the video clips from the film “Overload” by the South London and Maudsley Charitable Trust and Age Exchange (of Blackheath) in conjunction with Cool Tan Arts.  This includes some Good Practice (including about low impact sensory environments) in collaboration with the Sir John Soanes Museum.

This is cited for Accessibility Standards Work

The effects of abuse and intrusive thoughts causing overload are cited as well

The making of Overload – a short film about how it was made is also covered



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  1. I’ve just learnt that if you cut and paste into a new window from one blog site (the url), you can then open another site and listen to it at the same time (if you’ve got some music on it). I’m listening to chill out music as I write this.

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